Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite grocery stores of all time. People often judge it as yuppie and associate it with Whole Foods, but it’s honestly the best and most affordable way to find organic produce and unique frozen goods! But one of the best perks about this store: the extensive and really really ridiculously inexpensive wine selection!! Reds, Rosés and Whites GALORE for under $10! Here are the top 15 you should try next time you’re there:


EPICURO Primitivo di Manduria

Some cute old guy who works at my local store suggested it so I had to! Can’t say he led me astray. Region: Italy. Notes: Vanilla, oak, chocolate, red and black fruits. Price: $6

PANILONCO Reserve Merlot-Malbec

My friend Taylor’s suggestion! Region: Chile
Notes: Oak, tobacco, vanilla, black fruits, smoke, leather Price: $4




I won’t lie: I wouldn’t have normally gravitated to a wine of this type but I bought 100% because I liked the bottle. I got lucky it was delicious but you should try it! Region: Australia Notes: Black fruits, oak, chocolate, vanilla
Price: $9




I’ve repurchased this twice and it’s a pretty good table red for easy drinking. Region: California
Notes: Black fruits, oak, tobacco Price: $7




This is hands down my favorite!! It tastes and looks at least $20 more than it  Region: Spain Notes: Black fruits, red fruits, oak, tobacco, vanilla
Price: $7




This bottle is physically very heavy and feels luxurious! Would be a great gift to bring someone’s house. Region: Spain Notes: Blackberry, oak, vanilla, tobacco
Price: $9



PASQUA Valpolicella Ripasso Sueriore

A suggestion from a friend and also featured online! Same with the one after this. Region: Italy
Notes: Cherry, oak, leather, earthy Price: $9




Region: France
Notes: Red fruits, Black fruits, Pepper, Cinnamon Price: $9




FLEUR DE TREILLE Cinsault & Grenache

I could not really find this one online much, but it was recommended by a friend! Region: France
Notes: Strawberry, raspberry, citrus, lime zest Price: $4




One of the first Roses I’ve tried from Trader Joe’s and I’ver repurchased MANY times! Definitely one of the best I’ve ever tried and amazing price point. Region: California Notes: Strawberry, watermelon, grapefruit, melon, green apple
Price: $4




BIG CHURN Chardonnay

I kept seeing this all over the internet so it’s worth a try! Region: California
Notes: butter, oak, vanilla, cream, banana Price: $9



GREEN FIN White Blend

I’m a fan of the Green FIn red and I’ve gotten a lot more recommendations for the white. For the price, how could you not risk a shot? Region: France
Notes: pear, apple, honey, earthy Price: $4



JOEL GOTT Sauvignon Blanc



Recommended by Katie of The Traveling Spud! She and I go to the same Trader Joe’s and I’m always watching her IG stories to see what new snacks I should try. Region: California
Notes: Citrus, pear, melon, tropical fruits Price: $8



ESPIRAL Vinho Verde

This is perfect for someone like me who isn’t quite the hugest White Wine fan. I don’t like when they’re too sweet or too “buttery” and this is the perfect summer crisp white! The bottle reminds me of 7UP for some reason, but in a good, 90s kid nostalgia kind of way. I will repurchase this many times. Region: Portugal
Notes: green apple, pear, citrus, minerals, stone, honey Price: $5



If none of these quite appeal to you, make sure to check out these two very helpful posts, one from The Reverse Wine Snob & one from The Fermented Fruit. Also, please remember to always drink responsibly.

Thanks so much for reading and comment any other suggestions you might have!!