Daegu, South Korea is the fourth largest city located in the southeast region of the country. It has plenty to do with a population of over 2.5 million residents! I had been here once before last year & let me start by saying, I spent only ONE day of free time from a work trip here this year. I didn’t intend to write a blog post about it, but after the day I had, I HAD to share this experience with everyone! Daegu had so much great food, entertainment and aesthetic that it was a picture perfect day! One of the cities with the best, and most comfortable energy I’ve experience in Korea.

Let’s begin!

Cafe: District Gate 5 / 디스트릭트 게이트

First stop, we were on the HUNT for food. After finding a cafe online that said it served brunch, we headed that way. Stop #1: CLOSED. Okay, onto the next cafe we found online that said it served brunch…Stop #2: NO FOOD. However, it was such an aesthetically pleasing scenery, we stayed for a Latte to calm down our hungriness & enjoy the beauty of this open air cafe. I definitely recommend for studying or catching up with an old friend!

Address 17-1 Dongmun-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Phone Number 053-424-7093

Breakfast: Le Gourmet de Paris 르고메드파리 16

Okay, so when we finally got to breakfast, we were so ready to eat. This place is as pretty as it is delicious. The first floor is a bakery, the second floor is the bakery seating and the third floor is where brunch is served. The menu is very limited and in Korean, but there were photos.

Address 557-8, Beomeo-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Phone Number 053-744-8216

Most of you can tell by now this gentlemen is the other half when I say “we.” A lot of the photos I use are his so here’s a shot of the master in his element.

hence the photos 😉

이월드 E-Land Spring Flower Festival

Every spring, the local amusement park has a flower festival where they add thousands of Tulips and other flowers to the already fairy-tale aesthetic! Because I already rode the rides last year & admission costs nearly double including rides, we opted for the ₩20,000 ($18.50) admission only tickets to walk around, people watch, grab snacks & play carnival games. It was super fun & totally worth it. Just take a look if you don’t believe me:

200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong · 053-620-0001

Daegu/83 Tower:

We headed to the tower right before sunset to try to catch it from above! Unfortunately, we missed it by maybe five minutes, but we still loved the view of E-Land and the rest of the city from above. I’ve been to Seoul tower & I think Daegu Tower is a much more pleasant experience! It’s only ₩3000 ($2.70) to ride to the top, significantly less crowded and the activities at the top are more fun and unique. On the fourth floor, you can get off & go through a lit up garden. Super cheesy & romantic for a date, which is why I was living for it. Such a cute and sweet way to round out such a night day so far. But…it’s time for food!

Dinner: Black Taco Bar & Grill 블랙타코앤그릴

Okay, so we ate Mexican food in Korea. Sue us. Sometimes, we’ve got to satisfy our American taste bud fix & I’ll tell you–this place did the trick!! The boujee Korean Chilis of my dreams–at an affordable price point. Fan-freaking-tastic service, cute atmosphere & the BEST Mexican food I’ve had in a very, very long time. Meals were about $10-$18 per person, but super delicious (did I mention I liked this place, yet?) & FAST service! Kudos, Black Taco.

Address 12-9, Samdeok-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu
Phone Number 053-426-2268

& Now I pause for a photo break. Daegu is so vibrant & full of life! This is what the walk from dinner to drinks looked like:

 Drinks: 동성로 Pub Snug

Alright. I will be first to admit, I did NOT want to enter this establishment solely based on the name. To add, we had to go down a flight of stairs to enter from the street level but J was persistent. If I lived in Daegu…I would have become a regular there the second I walked in. Soft bluesy music, a fireplace, vintage/western aesthetic, a great house red. It was a done deal for me. Could’ve sat there in that moment for a lot longer than an hour. What a magical end to any evening!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day in Daegu, one of my favorite cities in South Korea! Thanks for visiting my page XOXO