Along Came Alex…Again!

Tell a friend to tell a friend, She’s BaAaaCccCkkKKk

Okay, hello! I don’t know if you all even noticed, but my blog has been down for the last six months. I broke the code or something, but because I’m such a smartie pants, she’s up and running again just in time to celebrate FIVE years of hobby blogging this week.

This little website of mine has acted as my digital journal and escape for the last five years of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. I love my careers in Medical Device and the Army Reserves, but I find a special joy and fulfillment from my cute & cringe little blog. 

Anyways, a lot’s been happening in my life, and it’s mostly all fantastic! I mean it. Not in a – delusional, about to explode at any minute unstable – kind of way. In an earnest “I’ve worked hard to be this happy again” kind of way. Today vs. early 2022 could not look more different and I absolutely have God to thank for that.

I’ve been busy, but I decided going into next year, I’m not gonna use that word anymore. Everyone’s busy. My life is FULL.

Full of love, full of joy, full of opportunities, full of bills, full of travel, full of friendship, full of stress, full of adventure, full of work, full of grace, full of LIFE.

And I wouldn’t ask for it any other way.

Happy new year ✨ Thanks for sticking by me and I’m looking forward to the happiest and healthiest year ahead. May 2023 bring you and your loved ones full lives of happiness and good health, too.

Love always, 


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