An Autum Day in Everland: Okay, one of the biggest lies I was told when moving to Korea is that the country “doesn’t do” Halloween.


Also, South Korea has one of the most beautiful seasonal transitions ever. Don’t get me wrong: winter here totally blows…but they have one of the most amazing Autumn and Spring seasons ever so you must take advantage when the trees are a rainbow of warm tones in October or pink hues of blossoms in March.

ANYWAYS: Last year I spent Halloween weekend in Bukhasan National Park but this year I went to Everland Amusement Park. Easy to access by public transport and an amazing day! The lines for rides were way too long, but the experience was still totally worth it.


Getting there: You can take a public bus from so many places in Seoul, but I took the subway. From Seoul Station, take Line 4 to Chungmuro, then transfer to the 3 line towards Ogeum & transfer to the Bundang ywllow line towards. Suseo. Take a breath…you’re almost sort there. Transfer at Ginheung and take the YongIn EverLine until it ends.

Admission: The general admission weekend price is 54,000 if before 5pm, but be sure to ask about discounts! The park hours are from 10:00-22:00 everyday. I’d get there earlier though. It was bust by 3pm.

The park has five “worlds”: Global Fair, ZooTopia, European Adventure, Magic Land and American Adventure. The only two must dos I can recommend are as follows: #1 the panda exhibit in zootopia that can be accessed pretty close to the main entrance…it FAR exceeded all and any expectations I had for Panda viewing #2 the popcorn. Subtle caramel. Subtle salty. Not stale. Fresh AF. Best amusement park popcorn you can find…and trust me: I’ve had a lot had of amusement park popcorn.

look at this model of a panda. amazing.

even panda food!

Okay now gets to the good part: PICTURES. Enjoy:

A perfect fall scene:

Next is “Holland Village” which is a little food and beverage section: A nice place for a refreshment.


The american carnival was cute and made me chuckle. 

Tons of photo ops!

All in all, Everland was an amazing day! So glad I went. If you’re in Korea in autumn, it’s a must do.

XOXO, Alex