“Let’s meet for happy hour after work so we can catch up!” “I’d like to buy you a drink sometime” “It’s my birthday!! Let’s go out for drinks.”

Now, I love my glass(es) of wine just as much as the next gal, but sometimes people have weird relationships with alcohol. I started this post long ago, when I was single and living in Boise. Being single in your 20s and finding things to do without alcohol can be a tricky path to navigate. There is so much to do in Boise for families and adults alike, but sometimes, I just want some good old-fashioned fun with my friends that doesn’t involve alcohol. Determined, I’ve gathered this comprehensive, weather dependent list of activities for sober adults in Boise! Keep in mind, COVID-19 closures obviously affects a lot of this, but save this post for when numbers improve. You can:

  • EAT-there is so much good food. Check out my local recommendations here!
  • Go to the Discovery Center Adult Night-Although they serve drinks, this is a great night to explore your inner kid. All proceeds go back into supporting STEM education for kiddos as well!
  • Catch a Movie-Seems simple but Edwards has $5 Tuesday deals which are perfect for the work week social recharge
  • Catch a classic movie around Halloween and Christmas at the Egyptian Theatre
  • Take a Cooking Class – I did one of these with Season and Taste with friends and it was so fun!
  • Take a scenic drive for the McCall Winter Carnival
  • Catch a football game at BSU
  • Move at Yoga or a Workout Class


  • Walk the Greenbelt
  • Boat Day at Lucky Peak
  • Expo Idaho- They have tons of events here including fitness, beauty, holiday expos, as well as the Western Idaho Fair & Boise Music Festival
  • Shop !!– There are SO many great little shops in downtown boise (Shift boutique, City Nut Shop, Fancy Pants, Record Exchange and so many more!) , but there’s also a lot of markets in the area too
  • Capital City Public Market– before COVID, this market was open from April to October directly downtown and sells baked goods, produce, crafts, plants and more
  • 34th St Market-this market is a little smaller but has close proximity to the greenbelt which is so fun
  • Hike!! Table Rock or Camel’s Back are simple, but there are plenty of trails. One of my favorite activities!

As you can see, there are tons of fun things to do around the city that don’t involve alcohol. Bring out this list when you’re in a stump for new, safe things to do with friends. Comment for any other suggestions as well! Thank you so much for reading!

xoxo alex

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