Today is my 29th birthday.

I’ve heard my entire life about middle-aged women joking about turning 29. “Oh you don’t look a day over 29!” *crowd smirks and laughs along* Many people panic about losing their youth and entering into this next phase. I’ve heard it from so many people who are around 23 “Oh, I’ll be 24 soon. That’s so old!!” I can’t fathom what they may think about a creped 29 year old.

This all being said, I am so excited for my 30s.

So many expect the whole college-marriage-kids before 30 deal to happen not only for themselves, but also for others. This was my own estimated timeline:

  • College Graduate by 21.
  • Married by 24.
  • First child by 25.
  • First home purchased by 26.
  • Second child by 27.

This is what actually happened:

  • College Graduate by 23.
  • Traveled to my first 10 international countries by 24.
  • Masters Degree by 25.
  • 20+ countries by 26.
  • Promoted to US Army Captain by 27.
  • Moved to Manhattan, NYC by 28.

…You can’t sit here reading that and say that the second timeline isn’t ALSO kickass.

My 20s were turbulent. They were so full of life, color, and huge HUGE lessons. But, they were also so hard. Turbulent because I thought I had the answers when really I now know I actually know nothing. But when I do look back at my experience, I almost get emotional at the life I’ve been able to live. I may not have the “standard timeline” society says, but look at the life I’ve been blessed with. It’s been SO full. I’ve fallen in love with so many different people and places. These experiences are shaping me to be a better mother and a better wife someday.

I know myself better than I ever have and I’m most secure in it. My faith is the strongest it’s ever been. I’ve shocked myself at what I’ve been capable of accomplishing/the challenges overcome and to be completely honest: I’m quite proud of myself for it. I’ve made more mistakes than I can count, but with each misstep, it’s catapulted me towards the woman I’m supposed to become.

The last year was one of the most challenging of my life, but now I’m coming out of it the most hopeful I’ve ever been. My thirties are going to be INCREDIBLE. I’ll be able to take these lessons to become the best version of myself. I would be honored to share these lessons with another human in the form of a husband/life partner and children someday. However, I’m not anticipating or waiting for it to live my life, because the life I have today is something worthy of loving everyday.

As you get older, you lose so many friends and what’s remaining are only a few of extremely high quality. Not only do I have more than a few, but those few are magical humans who allow me to be my whole and truest self. I feel more loved by my friends, family, and God today than I ever have in a romantic relationship. And I have never felt more loved by those in my life than I do today, single/childless on my 29th birthday. That is the best birthday gift anyone could ever ask for.

Thank you God for another year and this past decade of my life. Here’s to rounding it out with more lessons and love every single day.

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