Bar carts are the millennial “twenty-something” woman’s entertaining necessity right now. I wanted one as soon as I got my own place with the sad realization most of the beautiful ones run on or Etsy upwards of $500! I needed boujee on a budget so I headed to Ikea.

I found the most perfect cart for a makeover. At only $29.99, the all white SUNNERSTA utility cart is every DIY-er’s playground.

(Many people use the same priced RÅSKOG utility cart online, but it has shelving that isn’t ideal for the aesthetic appeal for a bar cart. I have a RÅSKOG and I use it for cleaning supplies)


TOTAL: $44.50


Open the box the cart comes in and remove hardware, shelving and the three main component pieces.


Use the painters tape the wheels and the inside of the metal edge as seen in the photo.


STEP 3: 

Spray paint one side of the frames. I recommend doing this in a yard or a patio. Because I live in an apartment, I lined my balcony with packing paper and opened the windows to let the fumes out. Make sure you allow adequate time for each side to dry.

STEP 4: 

Line each shelf with the contact paper. Decide if you want to fold the paper over the edges so that it’s seen from the outside, or if you want to just line the top & leave the sides white.

STEP 5: 

Spray paint the other side of the frames and any edges that need color. Allow adequate drying time.


Spray frames with sealant to protect the color and add desired finish (matte vs. glossy).

STEP 7: 

Follow the instructional guide to assembly the cart.


Fill with desired items such as barware, wine openers, a vase, coasters, wine racks, wine glasses, a frame, etc.

Voilà! This bar cart is sure to be a hit at your next entertaining event or for a fun girls night in.