There are so many breathtaking hot springs in the state of Idaho and Gold Fork is no exception. Natural springs with the convenience of commercial, tucked in the mountains just south of McCall in Donnelly, Idaho, it’s an absolute winter must-do!

Before I dive into the good stuff, let me get this out of the way:

Make sure you always use caution when driving in winter conditions! Just because the GPS takes you a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s always the safest… **cue The Office Micahel drives into lake scene*

What ya need to know:

For Gold Fork Hot Springs, off State Highway 55, you drive about 5ish miles off the main roads to find a no frills gem FULL of winter wonderland charm.

Address: 1026 Gold Fork Road. Donnelly ID

The hot springs are $10/person cash only. There’s one yurt for check in/a small snack bar, one yurt for changing/lockers and portable toilets.

I will note that the site said no food or no alcohol allowed, but everyone there brought coolers and were definitely eating and drinking what they brought so take that as you will.

Let’s jump on in!

The water is naturally sourced and channeled into multiple levels of pools that start with the hottest temperature and get cooler in temperature as they go down. The hottest pool was VERY hot, in my opinion and there’s a large drop in temperature from that one to the next pool.

Overall, it was a super magical winter afternoon! If you go, please comment or tag me in your photos on Instagram—I would love to see!

Thanks so much for reading & happy traveling!

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