I may have a common theme of short little trips to these remarkable cities. Up next, I have Hong Kong. Let’s jump right to a day in one of the most International cities on Earth:


I cannot stress to you the importance of what I am about to say: wake up early and go to the Peak TramTickets for a round trip + sky terrance access are $100 Hong Kong Dollars which amount to about $12USD. Get there before 9:30 and you’re golden. We walked right on, didn’t have crowds at the top and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. When leaving around 10:15, there was a line wrapped around the building. Trust me, go early.


Montane Mansion

This is where I get serious for one second:

This is probably one of the most instagrammed locations in all of Hong Kong and I needed to see it for myself: a super densely populated area that can come as quite a shock to those of more privilege used to having a yard to themselves, etc. I thought this building was remarkable, but did notice a lot of signs asking to respect the residents and to not take photos or climb on the cement blocks in the center of the plaza. However, many people climbed on top for their photos and ignored the posts. My friends and I snapped some quick pictures and got out. It was so interesting knowing what I thought was beautiful in the contrast of my life, was someone else’s entire life. And now they’re having to swat away tourists like flies to essentially gawk at their struggle. Really humbling experience. Glory to God for all my blessings, Amen.

Address: 1028 King’s Rd, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
It’s around a lot of normal buildings in a very normal neighbor, but you’ll know once you arrive. Take exit A at Quarry Bay MTR Station and walk along King’s Road towards Tai Koo.


Yum Cha for fun steamed buns and dumplings. They have a few novelty food items that have gone viral and have many imitators, but their actual food is tasty too. My favorite were the piggy dumplings stuffed with bbq pork.

I went to their Causeway Bay location, which is not the original, but they have plenty


For different locations and reservations, check the link above, however I will say the Causeway Bay location was easy to find and in the action of it all so I saw the sign before we had even been looking for it!

Explore some Markets:

Not sure where my photos went, but we enjoyed “Ladies Market” in Mong Kok and there are soo many others to choose from. There’s also a sneaker street, an electronic street and many other vendors to keep you occupied all afternoon. To get there, take the Tuen Wan line in the Tuen Wan direction to Mong Kok station. Then exit the station by way of exit D3 or E2. Follow the crowds to whisk you away!

Go to Victoria Harbor and ride a ferry back across:

After the markets, we went to the Victoria Harbor to watch the iconic junk boats cross.

ALONG CAME A FACT: The junk boat came along as early as the 2nd century AD to be used as Chinese seagoing vessels. That’s a long frickin’ time.

Anyways, we sat and chatted for over an hour just enjoying the view. Afterwards, we hopped on the ferry across the way for about a 10 minute boat ride and it was less expensive than the subway would’ve been!

To get there:  Get off at East Tsim Sha Tsui Station through Exit J. 


Once you get back across the bay, you can grab dinner at Dim Dim Sum in Wan Chai. It’s super delicious for not expensive at all! We got to select different plates to choose from and everything was pretty tasty.

Address: 7 Tin Lok Lane, Tin Lok Ln, Bowrington, Hong Kong

Also, we spent one more day exploring Hong Kong Disneyland, which I do recommend! I will dedicate an entire post to it next.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Happy Traveling!