A perfect day trip in Korea is Jeonju, South Korea. There is so much history in the area (people first settled in the city over 10,000 years ago!) & it’s filled with charm.


The Hanok Village is filled with small exhibits of Korean rice wine, traditional Korean paper making, and hundreds of people enjoying the street food & wearing traditional Korean Hanbok clothing.

Korean Rice Wine

ladies loving Hanbok

cheesy chicken! careful–it’s spicy

After the village, we came across Gyeonggijeon Shrine, which was originally constructed in 1410. Admission was less than $3USD. There grounds were small but very enjoyable.

Upon leaving the shrine, we were immediately welcomed by a traditional Korean drum performance!

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish of rice, beef and vegetables and it claims it’s home as Jeonju. The speciality here is that the rice used in Jeonju is cooked not in plain water but in beef broth so it looks and tastes better. We had to stop & grab some before heading home.

Finally, I found this link that gives you 10 great cafes if you want to relax in the area as well.

Thanks for reading! Get out & explore today 🙂