Since launching in 2018, Along Came Alex has given me so many opportunities, both in collaboration and to expand my learned talents.

The following are some examples of skill I have acquired through my experience running Along Came Alex:

  • I have designed and maintained this website using WordPress and DiviBuilder on my own without a designer
  • Self-published over 100+ articles and have been featured as a guest blogger on other sites
  • Created graphics using Canva
  • Pinterest marketing and planning with Tailwind
  • Email marketing with MailChimp
  • Professional correspondence with brands for collaborations
  • Search Engine Optimization with Yoast SEO
  • Planned content on Instagram using various applications such as Later, Planoly and Plann
  • Amateur photography using Nikon DSLR equipment and editing using Adobe Lightroom

I have completed many successful partnerships and relationships with organizations such as Palm Beach Tan, iVisa, Fossil, RewardsStyle, Trazy, eSalon & more.



I have recently focused more towards writing and social media/brand management, for other businesses and blogs. Since the beginning of the brand in July of 2020, I have handled all web design/management, photography, brand design, and social media management for Cleary Customs, a hand-designed jewelry organization. Below, you will find some examples of the work I do for them:

Cleary Customs Instagram grid

Here are some examples of successful Pinterest pins that I have designed and scheduled that links back to my site:


And finally, here are examples of two pieces of guest content writing:

Lattes & Luggage | Luang Prabang, Laos: Why To Visit & What To Do

Give Me Mora | Your New 10-Step South Korean Skincare Routine

If you have any questions, I strongly encourage you to email me at, or drop a message by clicking the envelope icon in the bottom of the screen. I look forward to building a professional relationship soon!