We all started March like a regular month. I had to go to Austin for a work training and then I went to Hawaii for a few days and had a wonderful time in Maui. Little did I know when booking that it would be my last opportunity to travel for a very long time.

You guys… if you’re reading this around the time I publish, you know what’s going on lately. In a span of 30 days, the Coronavirus reached the United States and became so dire that we are all now practicing social distancing. We’re asked not to travel, restaurants and gyms are closed indefinitely, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It’s historical.

Some friends of mine have lost their jobs and some are on the healthcare frontlines. Everyone is figuring it all out day by day. After a few weeks of working longer hours at my job, staying home only to exercise outdoors and grocery shop, I’ve found my flavor of the new normal.

The key here is to stay positive. It is so scary. I feel anxious often. However, I cannot dwell on the negativity, if for no other reason than for the fact that I have no room for the negative energy in my heart.

THEN, the month ended with me experiencing my first EARTHQUAKE in Boise. It all feels like a simulation that’s an alternate reality, especially because I live alone and all my days are kind of looking very similar lately. However, I wrote something on my instagram the other day I’d like to share:

“?????????, ????? ??????????? ? ?.? ????????? ??????????. ⁣

?Maybe dramatic, but never having experienced one at all, I was extremely spooked. It took me a few ????? to trust my oasis of an apartment again and I kept looking at my belongings with suspicion. Some place I felt so safe and cozy had betrayed me and MOVED from underneath my body. ⁣

?Psalm 46 has been on my heart today. Most people know it from the popular verse: “God is within her, she cannot fail.”⁣

?In a lot of translations, the verse reads “God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved.” ⁣

?Plot twist: the psalmist is not referring to a woman at all, but the City of Jerusalem as a whole. In this chapter, God doesn’t promise that we won’t face hardships: ⁣

-?? ????’? ??? ??? ???’? ??? ???? ?⁣
-?? ????’? ??? ??? ??????’? ?? ?????????? ?????????? “????????? ?????????” ?⁣
-?? ????’? ??? ??? ??????’? ?? ?????? ??? ??????????? ?? ????? ???? ???????? ??? ??? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ???? ?⁣
-?? ????’? ??? ??? ??????’? ?????????? ??? ??????? ?? ??????? ???????? ?? ??? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ?⁣
-?? ????’? ??? ??? ???’? ???? ?? ?????????? ???? ????? ??????? ?? ? ???? ????⁣
-??? ?? ????’? ??? ??? ??????’? ?? ?????? ?? ?? ?????????? ?⁣

?I know some of you are seeing posts about being bored at home during this time and rolling your eyes because you are carrying a lot of additional burden. In this chapter, we’re reminded that YES we’re going to face troubles, but that God is our refuge and our strength. Be reminded tonight that that none of these troubles can separate us from His love. ??? ??? ???? ????? ??? ?? ?????. ⁣”

During this time of uncertainty, I had to take a break from writing blog content. We were all kind of figuring everything out for a moment. We were scared and we were thrown off our rhythms, but we will stay positive. We will rise about this and flatten the curve to stop the virus as quickly as we can. My content will definitely shift coming soon, so stay tuned for that.

“And then the whole world walked inside, and shut their doors, and said we will stop it all. Everything. To protect our weaker ones. Our sicker ones. Our older ones. And nothing. Nothing in the history of humankind ever felt more like love than this.”

I think this pandemic is making people kinder. I think it’s allowing families to have quality time together. I think it’s allowing people to be challenged and grow. I think it’s allowing people to face the music of the faults in their lives and how they may adapt accordingly going forward. We’re noticing the little things. We’re getting only what we need. We’re being kind. We’re loving.

I have hope for the future my children will see someday. I pray that each one of us living through these times will learn a lesson from the experience and that it will shape an entire world to be a little more loving. Thank you for reading with me today.

Until next time,

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