A Photo Diary of what I ate, did & drank in Nashville:

Straight up: I don’t think there will ever be a city I will love and loathe as much as I do Nashville. This city sucked me in mid-road trip and I stayed for an extra WEEK! An entire week. In it’s defense, I know a lot of people who live there so accommodation was free BUT STILL…an extra week?!

I think I honestly overstayed my welcome, or at least that’s what my wallet told me!

The city isn’t large and it isn’t quite small… it’s really like a large town. Uber will be your best bet because the neighborhoods aren’t far, but just too spread out to walk.

In my 10+ days in Music City, I ate a few things, did a few things & drank a few things, and although there is SO much more, let’s talk about them:



Okay so this place was the recommendation of one of my very, very best friends, Viviana, who actually graced me with her presence during this meal.

I think it had the classiest interior with great food & drink options! She is always right though, I’m not surprised.

Neighborhood: 12 South *nearby the “I Believe in Nashville” and rainbow Nashville murals*

Hattie B’s

Nashville is known for it’s HOT CHICKEN. That being said: there will be a line! I went late on a week night and still waited at least a half hour for my food.


I love spicy so I ordered Mild because people warned me… and I still found the chicken almost too hot! It was insane.

Neighborhood: There are multiple locations, but I went to the Midtown location.

Biscuit Love

Alright, so this place has a LARGE hype in the area. I thought it was good. Would I wait 45 minutes in line to eat here? Absolutely not. Go on a weekday if possible, I didn’t wait more than five minutes.

Neighborhood: The Gulch *near the famous Wings Mural*

Sorry to disappoint, but I don’t have a photo of that one.

Pinewood Social

One of the cutest spots in Nashville! This place is great if you drink, love millennial avocado toast, if you want to catch up with old friends, like coffee or tea, if you want to BOWL (although, book online the day before), or need a good first date location. I loved this one!

Neighborhood: I’m not sure what this is considered. I think downtown? It’s not exactly super close to more, but definitely worth it.

Saint Anejo

This is a very popular spot for mexican food in Nashville and there is a huge chance you’ll wait in line. It’s good because the atmosphere and the crowd, but I honestly prefer a few other spots to it!

Neighborhood: The Gulch


THIS is an amazing Mexican food location! The chips are unique and amazing, the drinks were super unique and yummy. I went here on my last night in town and I wish I could’ve tried it sooner!

Neighborhood: Midtown-ish. In my opinion, it’s in between neighborhoods in this ritzy little pocket of luxury.

Martin’s BBQ

Okay I don’t have a photo… but this was the best BBQ I’ve had since I came back to America in February, hands down. Great atmosphere as well! You’ve just gotta go.

Neighborhood: The Gulch

Monell’s At the Manor

If you are not from the South, I recommend this restaurant! The food is served COMMUNAL family style so you share dishes with strangers! It’s a great way to meet people, try southern cooking and get a unique experience. Check the sites for meal times because I wanted to go for breakfast, but I missed it so we got seated for the lunch meal.

Neighborhood: I think there are multiple locations, but I ate at the Germantown location.

Butchertown Hall

My beautiful bestie Viviana took us here and the portions were HUGE, unique and delicious. Decor was super cute too! We sat on the patio outdoors and I felt like we were true little ladies-who-lunch.

Neighborhood: Germantown


Dierks Bentley concert at Bridgestone Arena

Nashville…country music… I couldn’t complain. Jon Pardi opened for him (LOVE JON PARDI honestly probably more than Dierks and I’m going to his concert here in Boise in October)

Predators Game

This is an experience. Tickets are expensive, but this was hilarious and I highly recommend if you’re a sports fan. Every time they score, Tim McGraw comes on the screen & the entire crowd sings “I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.” I’m not joking.

Nashville Farmer’s Market

Tons of food options to choose from and the “Gardens of Babylon” was a great place to pick up plants and cute garden equipment and accessories.

Neighborhood: Germantown-ish

Kacey Musgraves concert at Ryman

AHHHHHHH!!!!! SO I didn’t buy these tickets, but Napoleon Dynamite (..aka my ex boyfriend/biggest heartbreak of my life who still lives in the area) spontaneously purchased these and I wasn’t mad about it. I LOVE HER. At the time, she had just won a Grammy for Album of the Year and the venue is very iconic in the area.


If you are in Nashville for a girl’s weekend, you have to take advantage of the boutiques in town. I honestly feel like I had a style renaissance when I stayed in Nashville.

12 South, The Gulch and Hillsboro Village have a lot of great options. I love South Boutique in Hillsboro Village because it’s the perfect blend of feminine & edgy and the staff is very helpful.

I also got a lot of pieces at Kittenish in The Gulch which is Jessie James Decker’s boutique.

Also, there are little vintage/unique shops throughout the city, like this cute one in Germantown. It’s such a charming place to spend money!



Quintessential Nashville. Honky tonky, dive bars with sticky floors, live music and people ready to party.

Acme was a classier option, Honky Tonk Central or Tootsies are good for music because there’s someone new on each floor. I don’t know, you just have to go walk the strip and feel out which one gives you the beckoning vibes. It’s an overwhelming, but necessary experience.

L.A. Jackson

Classy rooftop instagram-worthy cocktails. Wish I had more to contribute but there’s not much to that. Be ready to spend $14+ dollars but it’s a nice place to start the night with your girls and get some cute pictures.

Union Common

Extreme luxury Gatsby vibes without the extreme luxury price. Perfect date night spot to sit at the bar for a craft cocktail!

Neighborhood: Midtown, but like…in an suspiciously classy area near Nada that doesn’t suit the rest of the college-town vibes of midtown.

Saltine Restaurant

This was unexpected and I didn’t actually eat any food here…but their happy hour was legit! Sit at the bar & grab a margarita, or whatever was on schedule. This would be a perfect place to go after a late Brunch trying to regroup before your next move.

Neighborhood: Midtown-ish. I sense a trend.


There are a lot breweries in Nashville and it’s a definitely fun experience, even if you just do a flight in the tasting room with a group! Yazoo was only $11 for a flight and it lasted me hours sipping on. I went to Jackalope as well.

Neighborhood: Outside of The Gulch and both are within walking distance of one another

And, yeah, that’s about it. I hope this was helpful! Nashville is such a fun time filled with great music and so much to eat and drink. Nashville, quite literally, stole my heart… (oof.) Until next time, thanks for reading.

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