I want to preface this post by saying that you shouldn’t take the tone of this topic as an aggressive or an angry one. I am simply explaining a topic I feel passionate about that I think a lot of people would benefit from.

Anyone who has been around me a lot lately knows I’ve got this new mantra for my life:


In the science world, an environment that is thermoneutral is when “the body does not expend or release energy to maintain its core temperature.”

This same concept can be applied to a “mental energy” that one person gives another. If someone is not willing to “expend or release energy to maintain” a friendship/relationship/partnership/etc., then the energy the person is providing is neutral.

            I think this is really popular energy held by people of my generation, especially in the dating/friendship world. I’ve gone on so many first dates where there was nothing wrong with the guy, but I felt pretty neutral about him. If he calls, I’d go on a second date. If he doesn’t, I won’t and I’ll forget about him.

Well, what happens when BOTH people have neutral energy..? …the answer is that absolutely nothing comes from two sources of neutral energy. One person has to have positive energy and “make the first move” to display an interest AND the second person has to reciprocate for a relationship/friendship/partnership between two humans to succeed. Everyone is too fearful of being vulnerable to make it known when they WANT something.

            At this stage of my life, I know who I am as a woman, I’m pretty aware of my values and general long-term goals and I am comfortable being with by myself. This all is to say:

If someone is offering me neutral energy, it is not benefitting my life.

If any human being is not willing to put in any energy, I do not want it. Their neutral energy will hold me back because it will force me to carry their end of the bargain with extra effort on my end, therefore I will literally provide negative energy to ensure their neutral energy is not in mine for a long period of time. I have things to do and places to be!!

            That is all. Remember, don’t allow that neutral energy in your life, sis. You deserve someone who wants to be around you and wants to provide positive energy to ensure you are in their life. LIVE DELIBERATELY and as always, thanks for reading.

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