Unabell is an all natural, made in the USA, cruelty free, Treasure Valley locally owned, skin care company!

…what’s not to love about that? So naturally, when they offered to send me some of their products, I was thrilled to try!

If you’ve known me for a while you know a few things:

  • I suffered from cystic acne at 19 & was left with severe deep layer crater scarring and inflammation
  • I used to work full time in the retail cosmetics/skincare industry for Estee Lauder and Clinique
  • I moved to South Korea and became obsessed with the K-Beauty industry
  • I paid $$ for Korean laser treatments to reduce the appearance of my scarring, which did a lot but…

YES, I am a skincare snob.

And I am writing this blog post to state that I 100% believe and was blown away by Unabell skincare. With that being said, I’m going to dive into some of the products I tried and explain my results at the end:

Chanterelle Serum

a pale yellow in color, only one pump is enough to evenly spread across your entire face. Very generous in product but very smooth in application! The product itself is extremely gentle and cooling.

Campanuela Day Cream

Again, only one pump is enough with this moisturizer. I am extremely picky on moisturizers and I usually prefer more of a gel texture so my expectations weren’t super high, but I truly enjoyed this product. I would replace all of the day creams in my collection for this one.

It is SO light but you can tell it really penetrates the skin. Using the serum and cream together, my face stayed hydrated ALL day.

**I will note that the pump blocked one day & I couldn’t get any product out of the packaging. After some persistence, the bottle was good as new and that never happened again!**

Creamy Honey Cleanser

The beautiful owner of Unabell, Džanela, told me that you can take this cleanser in the shower and that it would gently remove makeup. I still used my all time favorite nightmare makeup remover wipes because I wear SO much makeup, but I would use this cleanser after and not an ounce of makeup remained! It was a perfect combo.

I am the biggest fan of GENTLE, moisturizing cleansers like my favorites from COSRX in this post, but I genuinely liked this one just as much!

Bolete Night Cream

This was by far the most unique product in the line and I don’t think I’ve ever used a similar product. The texture is difficult to explain because is not nearly as thick as I expected, but a little bit goes a VERY long way. Every evening I used this, I woke up very moisturized, with even-toned, bright skin.


Unabell offers gentle products in gorgeous sleek packaging that genuinely improved my skin in the following areas:

  • Skin tone
  • Skin Texture
  • Radiance
  • General hydration

In addition to all of these benefits, it cleared a break out I was having after only two days of use! I felt confident enough to not wear any makeup to work, received compliments from friends and my grandma even mentioned how great my skin looked when I went home for a visit.

Support local small businesses and head over to Unabell’s site to learn more about specific ingredients, their story, science and more. You can also order samples for $10 if you want to try before you commit!

**Unabell ever so graciously sent me these products to try free of charge, but all opinions in this post are genuinely my own**

As always, thank you so much for reading!