… Brad and I are moving to New York City!

To be clear, we LOVE Boise. I would not have changed anything about our experiences and time here. I can’t speak for him, but I know I feel blessed to have been placed here. When I moved here, I knew in about two years, I would have to pick a new journey. The entire world was open to me. I asked God to give me signs to make the next path clear. I sit here typing knowing that it’s exactly what happened. Everything is exactly in order and I truly feel God has called me to New York for a long time. All that being said, there are a few reasons we’re leaving:

Career Change

#1 I’m separating from Active Duty military. I came to Boise, Idaho because I was stationed here. Although I will be staying in the Reserve component, I know the military is not a completely fulfilling full time job for me. I spend my days dreaming about things I care more about. I have always wanted to work in Fashion or Beauty, which means I need to go where that world is. New York had always been my dream city for that. I’ve visited many times, and I feel validated with every trip there. Brad makes jewelry and although he’s learned SO MUCH locally in Boise, he can learn even more if we get to a bigger city. It’s an avenue for us both to explore passions.

We’re not Idaho Natives

#2 Neither myself or Brad are from Idaho. This was a very special home for the time, but it is not our forever home. Which means we are far from a lot of people we love…


#3 My number one reason is family. My entire family, who I am very close to, is on the East Coast of the USA in Florida. I landed in Idaho after living in South Korea since 2017. I am simply tired of spending $700+ and taking three flights every single time I want to see them. New York to Fort Lauderdale is a 2-hour direct flight that you can usually find for under $100. A lot of Brad’s immediate family lives in Pennsylvania, which is very close as well.


#4 Kinda coming back to this last point: airfare. Getting in and out of Boise is ridiculously expensive compared to other airports in the country! When the world opens for safe-travel again, we want to be able to get anywhere we’d like to go quickly. Being landlocked in Idaho means we’d have to fly to LA or Seattle first in order to get anywhere else. New York is a quick hub to European travel. We are the type of people who would set up price alerts and spontaneously buy last minute tickets somewhere new. It’s an important part of our lives and it is simply not realistic in Boise. 

Serendipitous Timing

#5 I’ve known Brad basically since I moved to Idaho, but when we started getting closer about a year ago we bonded over one thing: we both wanted change. He wasn’t happy in his job and neither was I. We started dating right before the world shut down and I tried very hard to cut it all off. I knew I was falling hard and quickly for him, but I knew God was calling me to propel and leave Idaho. Very, very early on, Brad told me he was looking for a good reason to leave anyways…aka he would come with me. A giant weight was lifted from my shoulders and here we are. The rent in New York is at an all-time low and it’s honestly a “now or never” situation. We may get there, hate it, and move a year later! Or we may not… but we have to try.

I ask that if you’re a praying individual, you keep us in our thoughts and prayers through this journey. Although we know our next careers are in New York, it is obviously difficult finding jobs and moving across America (we’re driving!!!) in the middle of a global pandemic.

Please pray for us! Also, if you have any advice, we’d love to hear it.

Thanks so much for reading.