I was really blessed to stumble upon an instagram post a few months back at the right time! Kelli Yeowell of BODYFundamentals is conducting a monthly Wellness Series at Coiled Wine Bar in downtown Boise. Here’s the kick… it’s FREE!

A quick background: BODYFundamentals is a Personal Training and Online Wellness Coaching business. Kelli has 25+ years of experience, offers free consultations & has a mission “to encourage women at any age to find more balance in all areas of life.” Who wouldn’t want that??

For her series at Coiled, I’ve been to the first two and learned so much! The first time, we learned about goal setting and morning/night routines. Implementing little changes in your routine can alter your life and decrease stress levels exponentially. Kelli offers interactive sessions that builds with its participants and she gives so many tools for success.

For the second event, we discussed intermittent fasting. All of my “macho” guy friends have suggested this to me, but Kelli really gave a fantastic female perspective on the topic. The August topic will be training & recovery in September will be Healthy Fats & Hormone Balance. My favorite part of the series has been her realistic expectations! I feel as though the “homework” she assigns us to make positive changes in our lives is definitely do-able.

You can find Kelli a few different ways! Her website is https://www.bodyfundamentalsllc.com/ & her instagram is @bodyfundamentalsllc. I originally found out about her event through Coiled Wine’s instagram page, but I’m excited to see what events she will host in Boise in the future.

PS. while you’re at Coiled, you HAVE GOT to try the Sidewinder Syrah. It’s my ultimate fave & I bought a bottle when I first moved to Boise so it’s really nostalgic to me!

Until next time, thanks for reading & stay tuned for more!