For those who don’t know, I claim my home as South Florida. My mother was raised in Broward County, which is one county north of the (in)famous 3-0-5, and I’ve spent my whole life visiting.

My parents live just far enough from Miami that I visit the city as a tourist, but it feels familiar like home. Here are a semi local’s touristy guide to a day trip in Miami:

Cuban Coffee

-Cuban coffee, or Cafecito, a potent type of expresso that’s served is a small cup, whipped with sugar. There’s also cortadito, which is with steamed milk and cafe con leche. Any of them are great options and it’s a must do while in Miami.


-Vamos a la playa!! Of course, you have to visit the beautiful ocean shore in the area of Miami. Although South Beach is incredible in it’s own way, the beaches are crowded and they aren’t the best for relaxing. Instead, consider going a little north to 21st–45th Street Beach for a quieter experience. If you want somwhere with even less tourists, you can take a small trip to Broward County to Dania Beach or Hollywood Beach.

Little Havana/Calle Ocho

-In the Miami area between SW 8th Street and 27th Avenue, you will find the corazón of Cuban culture in Miami. You can find famous cuban dishes (YOU HAVE TO TRY THEM!!!), cuban coffee, fruit stands, art galleries, dominos, cigars, and more. Even now, Little Havana has the highest concentration of Hispanics (98%) in Miami. The area transforms you and helps you understand the culture of South Florida in general.

South Beach 

-Everything is expensive. Everything is stereotypical. You have to go. At least visit to people watch and walk through the pretty hotel lobbies. If you can go on off season, you can actually find a nice deal at the hotels in the area and if you are going to Miami for a Bachelorette Party or occasion of that nature, I do suggest you do so for the experience. But please, visit other areas of Miami while you are in town.

breakfast on the patio of our room at the Iberostar Berkeley Shore South Beach Hotel

Wynwood Arts District

-This is my favorite area in Miami. My one absolute MUST DO. The streets are lined with murals on every wall, filled with dive bars that are all very unique in their own way. After walking around, taking instagram photos and enjoying the scenary, I recommend El Patio Wynwood. This open air bar serves craft cocktails & Latin music. For a bite to eat, make sure to stop by Coyo Taco nearby. What’s better than a dive taco bar in the Florida humidity?

Other notable areas:


-Brickell is the definition of boujee. As Miami’s financial center, it’s filled with business centers, luxury condos, rooftop bars, exclusivity and beautiful people. Additionally, it is a very international area considering Brickell has most of the state’s foreign consulates, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom amongst others.

Design District

-For more luxury, find yourself in the Design District that’s known for it’s sleek modern architecture, upscale interior design stores and art galleries. There are many fashion and jewelry boutiques as well. My sister, who is currently a South Florida local and artist has great fancy for the area.

All in all, Miami cannot be conquered in one day. I recommend choosing a few days here to truly immerse yourself in the culture, food, weather and people. I hope you enjoyed reading & happy traveling!