Find the PERFECT gift for each zodiac sign in your life this holiday season!

I will begin with this very important statement:

I am NOT an expert in astrological signs, nor will I ever claim to be.

Each person’s natal chart is extremely specific to the time and location of birth and it’s an extremely complex topic. Not everyone even believes in the concept either & not all “common characteristics” apply.

That being said: the following post is for fun!


Bold | Classy | Ambitious

A Capricorn has stuff to do and money to make. They don’t have time for a messy desk. Luxurious little desk organizer. Next.


Innovative | Creative | Tech-Savvy

An Aquarius is wildly misunderstood, deep water sign. There is so much going on in their own minds, and they need a way to express themselves, like with this retro phone case.

(Linda if you’re reading–totally inspired by you!)


Warm | Chill | Artistic

A cozy, sweet Pisces. We love a Pisces. We want to stay home and make a nice meal with our Pisces because our love language with them is quality time.


Energetic | Confident | Pioneering

An Aries on the move. Dangerously adventurous so this Hydroflask will remind them to stay hydrated while on the go!


Cozy | Luxury | Foodie

A Taurus is boujee and it’s usually their way or the high way. In my experience, the Taurus highway is pretty much always right. In this case: the Taurus way involves cheese and melted chocolate and who has a problem with that? Give the Taurus what she wants with this fondue set.


Social | Curious | Lively

Geminis like to talk about themselves, but mostly because they like to talk. How do you talk to others? Host a party. How do you get them to talk more? Fill them with yummy cocktails based on their astrology signs in this Mixology of Astrology Book. Boom. Instant conversation starter.

Plus, a Gemini loves a fun fact and letting others know she’s a Gemini.

I’m a Gemini.


Loving | Sympathetic | Protective

A Cancer is a strong, protective one, which is comforting to most. A comfort can come in the form of a warm cup of tea in this adorable mug.


Faithful | Generous | Grandiose

A generous Leo has already thought of every good gift idea for everyone else… except this one! Surprise this self-assured friend with a little customized perfume set.  


Meticulous | Ambitious | Attractive

A Virgo is on a mission, but wants things in her own way. And she wants to do it while looking cute, so the Erin Condren Life Planner is exactly what she needs.


Friendly |Trendy | Romantic

A Libra is everyone’s best friend! Oh you’ve never tried Glossier?? A Libra has got you, girl! And in three different flavors. You can borrow some if you like!


Moody | Passionate | Enigmatic

A Scorpio is often described as witchy and dark. When she can’t explain what she’s feeling, she can zone into her moody mysteries listening to this chic record player.


Carefree | Inquisitive | Jovial

OOOoohh she a world traveler. Get that dreamer a Rifle Paper Co. World Traveler 2020 Desk Calendar so while they can always inquire about what’s next.

Whatever you decide on getting them, I’m sure they’ll love it. Thanks for reading! If I was wrong, call me out in the comments!!! ‘:)