Thanks for being here 🙂 My name is Alex & I was living in Asia for nearly two years. What an adventure! I resettled and transitioned to Boise, Idaho in March of 2019. I’ve always had a passion for writing (& if I’m being completely honest with myself–talking too much!) so this was a bound path for my life





Here, you can find posts from my travels around Asia, living in South Korea, life in Inland Northwest USA, lifestyle tips about surviving young adulthood, faith, as well as some Skincare and Makeup Beauty posts. (I used to work as a makeup counter Beauty Advisor before I started jumping from country to country. It was my first true passion and I’ll always love it. )



I have restless feet and I can’t stay still for long! Take a look around & enjoy!



If you’re curious in working with me and are interested about my other affiliations, guest blogs, and collaborations, please view my affiliation page or you can contact me at www.alongcamealexandria@gmail.com.