Hi cutie! 

First, of all, thank you for being here 🙂 My name is Alex.

I’m in my late 20s, having spent most of this decade moving a lot and traveling the world and the US. 

I went to college in Florida and then from 2017-2019, I was living in South Korea. What an adventure! During my time there, I traveled through 15+ countries in Asia. Then, I transitioned to Boise, Idaho until 2021 where I spent some time in Europe and loads of American Road Trips.

Since early 2021, I have been living in the city that never sleeps: New York, NY. I’ve always had a passion for writing (& if I’m being completely honest with myself–talking too much!) so this was a bound path for my life to start this blog. I had so much to share with no where to put it!


Take a look around & enjoy!



If you’re curious in working with me and are interested about my other affiliations, guest blogs, and collaborations, you can contact me at www.alongcamealexandria@gmail.com.